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If you chose the two-payment plan, the second payment will charge in 30 days.

Any questions, contact the support team at support@lifelinecoaches.com or call (360) 989-8066.

Here's What You Get For Your Investment:


Your first breakthrough will happen as soon as you complete our 7 minute Questionnaire. This Questionnaire will tell you exactly what’s missing! Often the FEAR is the UNKNOWN. Once you discover what you must change about yourself and what you’re doing, the FEAR/BLOCK will begin to dissipate.


You’ll receive a customized Leadership Curriculum that’s specifically tailored for you regarding an area of your business that you definitely need to MASTER to reach your #1 DESIRED OUTCOME!
Here’s the GOOD NEWS, your coach will identify the ideal course to get you started. All our courses are valued from $297 - $497! We have numerous courses! YOUR COACH will identify the EXACT COURSE that’s ideal for YOU!
For example, if your personal and group recruiting is struggling, you need our ‘30-Day Mastery Recruiting Boot Camp.’


During your two 50-minute sESSIONS, You and your coach will create a strategic blueprint to ACHIEVE YOUR DESIRED OUTCOME!
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